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Tropical Focus for Rural Development is a not-for-profit Non-Governmental organization working in western region of Kenya to alleviate poverty and uplift the living standards of the rural communities. We aim at improving the livelihoods of rural poor through support for education and shelter of most under-privileged children and girls, development of income generating projects, socio-economic re-stabilization against the effects of HIV/AIDS, development of domestic water supply systems and support for basic rural infrastructures.
Our policy is to support and develop undertakings that will ‘jump-start’ the communities into sustainable self-reliance. The most disadvantaged members of the communities especially women, children and the poorest are specifically targeted by our organization. Protection, conservation and rehabilitation of the environment are integrated within the programs, since environment is a main sustaining resource for humanity and the world as a whole.
Our vision, mission and strategies integrates mainly the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), No poverty, Zero Hunger, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Good Health & Wellbeing, Clean Water & Sanitation and Climate Action to achieve most desirable outcomes.



Conducive livelihoods for all.



To uplift living standards of disadvantaged communities

Core Values

  1. Transparency -Our organization aims to attain highest transparency in planning and implementation processes. While the beneficiaries are at the core of our work, they are part and parcel of ideas for solutions, methods of solutions and monitoring of all processes. Tropical Focus regularly conducts discussions and dialogues with beneficiaries and other stakeholders to discuss needs, strategies for solutions and what is accomplished at various stages. 
  2. Accountability -The resource inputs that are utilized to cause change among under-privileged people are applied optimally and handled in ways to ensure treatability on every unit. Various tools are applied to present and track units of resource utilization. 
  3. Honesty -Tropical Focus believes in actual presentation of states and information, guided by spirit of highest ethical and moral standards.  
  4. Sensitivity -While individuals are unique in ways and forms, Tropical Focus lays emphasis in understanding differences and uniqueness among people and that differences integrate together to capitalize on harmony and synergy. We appreciate positive energy fostered from variety. 
  5. Efficiency -Each resource is highly valued and Tropical Focus observes that utilization of resources converts to maximal benefits and changes for the beneficiaries. 
  6. Team spirit -We believe that best results come through concerted efforts that are pooled together by various actors of our staff, board, partners, collaborators and beneficiaries.     
  7. Patriotism-The passion and motivation of various actors at Tropical Focus is driven by deep love for humanity, our land, our environment, our ways and for our planet.
  8. Justice-Tropical Focus regards all humanity to live by their rights and justice as guided by fair laws, regulations, rules, conducts, acts and decrees. We believe that each and every person’s rights about humanity remain supreme as outlined by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  9. Probity-Our objectives and methods are guided by strong belief of integrity, the right morals, ethics and responsibility that are not necessarily basing on need to be watched or governed by enforcement.
  10. Commitment-The obligation of the team at Tropical Focus is to push to ensure that we put the best of our available efforts and other resources towards achieving our objectives.

Our Team

Tobias O. Ounga

Gorge Wandera

Caren J. Juma

Robert J. Oouko

Everlyn Akinyi


P. O. Box: 6443-40103. Kisumu, Kenya


Email: info@tropical-focus.org

Phone: +254 - (0)721 562 679